Nature loving, people caring, day dreaming, whole-foods-goodie-baking, barefooted dancer who believes in equal rights, dignity and justice for all.

Excited by new adventures, cultures, people, tastes, sounds and sunsets…if I could, I would swim my way through every Ocean of the earth and explore our magnificent planet inch by inch. From urban corners oozing cultural delights to the natural, mystical treats that Mother Nature herself created.

Constantly inspired by the world around me… snapping, writing, baking and dancing through each day. This is not a photography blog, or a food blog, or a lifestyle blog (what is that anyway?) It is just things from my mind to these pages. Oh, and I have the most incredible two year old little boy so there’s some natural birthing/ mama stuff thrown in for good measure.



“Eyes wide open,

always hoping

for the Sun”


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