How do I remove youFrom inside of me

When the fibres of your being

Your cells

Coat my skeleton

Like a layer of primer

Under my ribs 

And around my lungs

Pumping through my heart 

And settled at the bottom of my stomach.

How do I remove you


Beneath the layer of my skin

Exists another layer 

Of stardust

That is made up

Of your magic

That I wear like an

Invisible cloak 

Everywhere I go 

Giving me courage

And strength 

In all


How then

Will I breathe

If I cut off these 

Pieces of you

That have interwoven themselves 

Into me 

So intricately 

That I cannot tell my own cells apart anymore.

How will I dance again 

When the only song I can hear

Is your voice 

Ringing in my ears 

Shaking me to my core 

Begging me to 







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