I Am, Because You Are

You are the sun to my moon,
the calm to my wild.
You are the ocean to my shore,
the peace to my storm.
You wrap me up in warmth
like a mug of hot ovaltine.
You pour into my Soul
with your silent magic,
your humble strength.
I dreamt of you
before I met you.
I knew it was you
when you gave me the stars,
accepted me with all my scars.
You lingered so long,
that one day there was
no more healing to be done,
only rejoicing.
I will celebrate you
every single day.
In deepest gratitude
for your presence in my life,
for choosing to be here, now
for choosing to love me.
Wild woman…
flowers in my hair,
bare feet in the earth,
free spirit,
heart in desert sunsets,
sleeping atop a car roof
with nothing between us and the sky.
It’s always an adventure
with you and me
exploring forgotten corners of the globe,
climbing ice capped mountains,
with log fires and soothing owl calls to keep us warm at night.
Sweating buckets of smiles across Mama Africa’s sweet terrains.
There is nowhere
I wouldn’t follow you to.
Thank you,
for walking this path with me,
for creating this peaceful perfect existence with me,
for standing side by side with me
in real and true equanimity.
You are my personal sanctuary,
the only place where I can be free.
You are home, to me.


(Written for my sweet friend and her husband on their wedding day.)