Orilami is a Yoruba name meaning “my Soul clears my path.”

Journal excerpt ::  2nd October 2014

Location :: our studio flat, South West London

As we approach one year from one of the most powerful, poignant, Soul affirming days of my life I have been reflecting a lot about the day that my first baby was born. I wanted to share with you some words from my journal a couple of days after that life changing experience…


Just like that, you’re here.

And my heart cannot stop singing.

And my Soul cannot stop celebrating.

I will celebrate YOU for the rest of my life.

Just like your journey to us was unpredictable, perfectly timed and natural, so too was your journey to meet us from inside me to this world outside.

The hardest yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done was work with my body to help bring you out.

I will never forget the opportunity you gave me to experience the full ability (physical, emotional, spiritual) of my body and my self.

I am grateful.

Grateful for trusting in you, me and nature.

Grateful for having the confidence to achieve the beautiful birth I know was possible.

Grateful for your very existence.

I wish I could bottle the feeling I had post-birth so that I can remind myself at just a whiff that…


father & son

Some thoughts…

As my first child’s first Earthday rapidly approaches, it serves as a beautiful gratitude reminder… and all I have to do is look at this little bundle of energy walking in a drunken fashion all around the room he was born in, stumbling, falling, laughing and getting back up to carry on trying, perfecting his latest skill…and I feel immediately and immensely grateful.

My first giving-birth-day is also an incredible reminder to my self of the power I have within. Truly, I wish I had been able to bottle that post-giving-birth-feeling as there have certainly been times since then when I have needed reminding of my capacity for greatness. In the absence of that magical elixir I’d like to share with you instead this lovely podcast from two honest and courageous women. Big Strong Magic is a discussion between authors Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown about the importance of BEing our truest selves and expressing that truth without the fear of failure. Because, quite simply, to deny ourselves that raw honesty and creative outlet far outweighs the risk of failure… even more so, that the word failure doesn’t even have a place when we’re talking dreams, creativity and the expression of our highest selves.

So inch as close to the edge as possible, then take three steps back…. so you can take a full run up before you LEAP.

And when you do leap, enjoy every second of that free fall, because really, the landing is completely irrelevant.


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