Catching the greatest infection

Journal Excerpt: 26th November 2013

Location: Train route from Calicut – Alleppey

A forced break… I thank the all knowing Universe for giving me the time to sit and reflect, breathe in and out, recuperate and relax. If only for a moment. Awaiting a train in Calicut that will take us from the rural, mountainous, luscious green to the coast of Cochin. I feel tired but awakened.

Journey within

The change in climate is already noticeable and I welcome the renewed warmth of the sun kissing my skin after feeling cold up in the Western Ghats. The air is thick, people plenty, breeze refreshing. I feel as though I could be in Lagos. People here that I have met thus far have so much grace, dignity and a raw honesty that throws me for a loop… I’m unsure what to make of it other than to embrace it wholeheartedly and continue to try and emit only my own truths to myself and others.

I’m slowly catching the most wonderful infection I’ve ever had… SMILING.

Smiles here are natural, beautiful, pure and they are everywhere. Just like colour, India is unafraid to cover every corner with a smile. I love it. A simple smile, even just the slight upward turning of one corner of my mouth is met with ear to ear, bright, beaming, honest smiles. My heart is warmed. I consciously start smiling at anyone whose eye I catch and I am rewarded every time with yet another delightful smile. I make a silent vow to myself to keep this infection as long as I can… not just here in India but wherever my journey takes me next. I already feel as though I will need to be reminded of this when I  return to the UK. But I will think of that then… for now I am completely and deliciously here, in yet another perfect moment.

I am grateful to be alive.

I am grateful to be.

Just... be.

Just… be.


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